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  • Aldo Bernardi

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    The Italian brand Aldo Bernardi offers classic and modern designer handmade lamps from the best Murano masters. Characteristic features of the company are laconism, tradition, handwork, original decoration, unique style.

    The catalog includes indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures - hanging lamps and lamps, spotlights, wall lamps for the house and the facade, street garden lighting and street lights, as well as modular systems and systems for surface wiring.

    From materials used for Italy, brass and bronze, pottery and plaster - all in the best traditions of ancient crafts. For ceramic lamps take a special opal glass milky white.

    For surface wiring and modular systems, the factory offers a series of accessories - switches, branching, distribution boxes, twisted cables, cable pipes.

    View the catalogs, order and buy lamps of the factory Aldo Bernardi can be found on our website.

  • Artemide

    CATALOGUE 2018

    CATALOGUE 2018

  • ArtGlass
  • Axo Light

    Сегодня бренд известен также далеко за пределами Венеции. Его любят и ценят на Западе и Востоке. Нетривиальный дизайн, современные материалы и стабильное качество сделали AxoLight одним из лидеров современного рынка светильников и предметов декора. Широкий ассортимент продукции и высокий уровень сервиса позволяет компании крепко стоять на ногах.

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  • Masiero

    The Italian company Masiero is known since 1981 for the primordially classical Venetian crystal chandeliers "MARIA THERESA". Observing current trends, the company constantly updates the production - new lines, colors, technologies, especially for a collection of outdoor lighting DRYLIGHT and the modular RAQAM system. The innovative technology of the automated lighting is protected by the international patents. Innovations of the company successfully unite decorative and technical characteristics.

    The DIMORE and ATELIER catalogs contain the recent current trends of the market of lighting.

    During creation of chandeliers absolutely various materials are used - iron, brass, steel for a framework; silk organza, Shantung Le Bock fabric and the Damask silk for lamp shades; the Bohemian crystal, crystals of Asfour and Swarovski crystals for pendants; ceramics of Bassano for roses. In latest models also began to use a tree, pitch and methacrylate.

    The quality of materials, production accuracy, high technologies and talented skill are united in the top-level in the Masiero.

    It is possible to look at catalogs, to order and buy lamps of Masiero factory our website.

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